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Aggregates, Blocks and Cement

Branded Stone Available

Bradstone, Forticrete and Reconstitued Bath Faced Stone walling available.

We also stock 110mm underground drainage, fencing and a range of tools and chemicals.

Our paving products includes those from both Bowland Stone as well as Bradstone.

Aggregates, Blocks and Cement

We keep loose and bagged aggregates, for collection and delivery. We stock a range of solid and hollow concrete blocks, and can also supply you with Premium Rugby cement in plastic bags.

We price our products per ton ( Collected or Delivered) , per bulk bag ( 850kg) and per handy bag (25kg)

20mm Cerney Shingle

Aggregate Products

We stock a range of decorative aggregates: As Dug, Mendip Dust, Mixed Ballast Cerney, Mixed ballast L/Stone, Type 1, Dorset Sand, Grit Sand, Holms Sand, Romsey Sand, Cerney Shingle, Pea Gravel, Romsey Shingle, Cerney Path Gravel, Clean Limestone, Clean Stone, Cotswold Chippings, Henham Pebbles, and Slate.
We also stock Top Soil.

20mm Romsey Shingle
20mm Romsey Shingle


Concrete Blocks ranging from 100mm-215mm, hollow and solid. Insulation Blocks, Close Textured Blocks (which are suitable for painting), Fair Faced Blocks (buff), reclaimed bricks, concrete bricks, engineering bricks, facing bricks.

Concrete Blocks


Cement 25kg, White Cement 25kg,  Hydrated Lime 25kg  , Hydraulic Lime ( NHL 3.5) 25kg, Postcrete 25kg.